The National Relay Service (NRS) will be introducing improvements on Thursday 15 February and Wednesday 21 February 2024.

These changes are based on user feedback and will improve accessibility and the user experience. The changes include:

Changes from 15 February:

  • RO Typing Indicator: Many users have requested to see when the Relay Officer is typing. This feature will be available for NRS Chat and Captions on the NRS website.
  • Enhanced Chat Navigation: We've implemented features to prevent navigation away from the chat window, ensuring that you won't lose your call accidentally.
  • Font Size: This option will allow users to decrease font size in NRS Chat and Captions.
  • Improved Website Design and Menu Layout: A redesigned NRS website that is more user-friendly.
  • Website Font Size and High Contrast Options: Improved visibility options for the NRS website including adjustable font sizes and high-contrast options.
  • Customizable Quick Responses: You will be able to create a list of phrases to use during your calls. This feature will save users from having to type out common phrases every time they are used.
  • List of Recent Calls: The “My Account” section on the NRS website will now display a list of your recent calls.
  • NRS Chat Full-Screen Contrast Options: Full-screen contrast options for NRS Chat and Captions on the website.

Changes from 21 February:

  • Dark Mode for NRS App: If you prefer a darker theme on your phone, the NRS app will now offer a dark mode contrast option.
  • RO Typing Indicator: This feature will be available for NRS Chat and Captions on the NRS app.

If you have any questions about these changes or the NRS in general, please contact the NRS Helpdesk. A list of ways to contact the Helpdesk can be accessed at

The video below does not have sound. It provides an Auslan translation of this article.