How does an SMS Relay call work?

Flow chart demonstrating how an SMS Relay call works. Long description located below image.
An SMS Relay begins with you texting your side of the conversation. The Relay Officer talks. The hearing person listens. The hearing person talks. The Relay Officer types what the hearing person is saying. You read the responses on your screen as text, and the steps are repeated.

What equipment is needed?

You only need a mobile phone to use SMS Relay. It doesn’t need an internet connection and doesn’t need to be a smartphone.

How much will it cost?

An SMS to the NRS costs the same as any other SMS message, which depends on your mobile phone plan.

Things to remember

  • SMS Relay is useful to send or receive a simple message or have a simple two- or three-message conversation.

  • Usually it’s fast but sometimes it can take minutes or even hours before an SMS is delivered. This means it’s generally not useful for long conversations.

  • If you want to use SMS Relay, you must include your mobile number on the registration form when you register for the NRS.

Step-by-step instructions

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