How does a Voice Relay call work?

Flow chart demonstrating how a Voice Relay call works. Long description located below image.
A Voice Relay call begins with you speaking your side of the conversation. The Relay Officer will respeak some or all of your words as needed. The other person listens. The other person talks. You listen to the responses and the steps are repeated.

What equipment is needed?

Any type of phone can be used to make standard Voice Relay calls. If using the NRS app, a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection is needed.

How much will it cost?

A call from a landline phone will cost the same as any other call to a 13/1300 phone number depending on your phone plan. The cost of calls from a mobile phone will also depend on your phone plan. 

If you want to make Voice Relay calls through the NRS app, broadband data costs will apply to download the NRS app and make calls.

Step-by-step instructions


Download the NRS app to use Voice Relay on the go.

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